Change your master

     I have set the Lord always before me, 

      Because he is at my right hand, 

       I will not be shaken

                PSALM 16:8

The world has gotten to a point where we humans  think we can be whole and fulfilled on our own,we think we are strong and powerful enough , we all have our life plans on how things should be,what should happen and what not, setting God aside,and making ourselves the MASTER of our lives forgetting that God is our source and the only dictator. 

It’s normal and okay to have a plan and purpose for yourself, but not without the approval of God, your plans and expectations must align with that of God.and that’s  why we often fall miserably when we take a step without can’t go ahead and expect him to follow your lead, NO! his will must always come first ,what interest God must interest you too. 

Many times we often live in worries and confusion only when we run out of the answers we think we have and lose the power we thought we had ,we often want God  to do things our way and decide when it should be done, and when this things don’t happen we are sad and down wondering what went wrong forgeting that only God knows why he created us, he is and can be the only master and decider of your life,dont run ahead of your purpose and reason.

When you begin to think like man you operate like man,when you make God small in your life he becomes can’t know it all, you don’t understand half of what you think you do, you will encounter unexplainable problems that will make you think God is not concern about you, but have you thought of how many times you belittled him?  How many times you put him in a corner and thought you had control of the wheel.most times God just keeps looking to see how far you think you can go, he becomes silent and watches quietly till we realise the wheel is his, all you have to do is sit back and see where he leads you. 

Have faith in his directions and timings, trust in him ALONE, and not in your convictions and understanding, inquire from him. Don’t argue with your makers, ,leave all the worrying to him, you didn’t create yourself all you need to do is trust in him change your way of thinking and change your master. 


my 2017….


my pregnant experience! 

Just as a pregnant woman anticipates the birth of her child  so did i start 2017 with lots of anticipations and expectations. new year means the start of a new life, when you are giving the opportunity to start your life freshly and make it go how you want it to go, one is filled with joy for what the year has to offer. like the early stage of pregnancy, the joy of becoming a mother fulfills the woman each and everyday, she can’t wait to hold her happiness and joy, forgetting the changes and experience she has to go through.

but as time goes by, things started changing, i started getting frustrated and uncomfortable with the turn of events, things were not going as well as I was expecting, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be .reminds me of how a pregnant lady would be feeling with the changes in her body, its not as easy as she thought, life is throwing so much pain at her than she could think of.  she’s dumbfounded and counfused with the experience of being a mother. 

2017 taught me that you can have the control over your life, but you can’t have the power, imagine an expecting mother with the desires of giving birth to a girl, she hopes in her heart and prays for a female child, with a heavy heart she goes for a scan, the doctor says its a girl, and she starts shopping for female wears with joy. she gives birth to a boy,what a plot. this year made me realize that God has the power to decide what the final say would be, no matter how you try to manipulate a situation, he will keep putting you in the path you are meant to follow. there’s a greater want and desire for my life, this life is not entirely mine, i was born with a purpose and a reason. you can make efforts towards a particular direction, and God says no. however the control to go the direction of God’s way is in the choices we make.  

if you ask many mothers of today how their pregnancy experience was like, you would hear different stories and tales, most people don’t go through it the same way,some have it easy, easy in the sense that they don’t feel any type of pain before their 9month is up, they hardly visit hospitals for complains only for check ups, while some women experience several discomfort,the same way i realized in 2017 that people experience life differently, your journey doesn’t have to go the same way as a friend or a sister,she has it all easy and figured out?  its okay if they go ahead,it didn’t happen because it’s not yet your season. but that shouldn’t discourage you or make you feel bad about yourself, aslong as you get there, how you commence does not matter, just focus on getting there, focus on making it.your purpose is different from theirs. 

my greatest lesson is self  liberation.nobody is going to remove the hill for you, if you don’t destroy it yourself, during labour no one is going to push out that child for you, or feel the same pain you are feeling, all they are going to do is hold your hand and encourage you to fight.nobody is going to fight your battles.its your life, its your fight, don’t depend on anyone to make efforts for you, take charge. 

i learnt that freedom would come when you least expect it, during the toughest moment of your life, when you think you have nothing left, at that moment of weakness and pain, a child would be born, a miracle will emerge, the pain forgotten. 

never lose hope, things are going to get worse only so you can appreciate it when it gets better, your opportunity and breakthrough will come when itis suppose to come, at your own time and can’t rush the universe, you can’t fast track your labour, all you can do is prepare yourself. 



she’s a broken little thing

pure and simple

Hard to read, 

no matter how hard you focus

confidence was capricious  for her

she’s dangerous to love

her efforts easily  misunderstood 

her self destruction,

is her greatest enemy 

her world is far from colors 

sometimes things are grey

most times things are black

her mind is a weird place

she never wears her heart upon her sleeves

never in control of her emotions

she’s sad for many days

you will meet her

she’s very pretty 

masked with joy and laughter 

you will like her

you won’t know her

you will judge her. 


          i stare hard

          at the broken mirror 

          someone stares back in horror 

          looks like a stranger

           a visible shadow 

          “you can NEVER do it” ,it whispered 

           “why?”  i asked

           “because YOU are me”, it said

          “YES and thats why i can!”i shout  

we are humans, its normal to have a broken side,which has gone throughso much  hurt and pain and is now branded with scars.

many of us tend to allow the broken side dominant our lives, dictate how to live our lives and level the amount of happiness we get.  we’ve passed through so much  we think we can’t have what we really want. we measure our self worth with the pain we are feeling. 

i don’t believe in mistakes, am a strong believer that things happen for a reason. i believe our scars should lead us to our stars,serve as a motivation for us to  want more out of life. you deserve it more because you’ve faced it and gone through it,however it shouldn’t  sweep you underfoot or crush you,dont be a slave to your scars.dont dim your light because of the pain. 

what happened to you was not your choice, but you have the  choice to recover, don’t allow your whole life pass you because you are afraid to get back up, don’t let negativity consume you. how you create your story determines how you are going to live it ,we will all pass through moments of difficulties,but we have to move beyond it,the enemy is in our mind, you are never going to be ready till you fight. 

you have the right to shine because you’ve been broken, its part of you, it should inspire you, liberate you, make you want to see how far you can go, your scars should give you a purpose and reason to live. it should make you want to shine. 


olowogbogbo simply means the outstretched hand of God. 

one week ago i was watching a programme on the TV, a reality show actually, so there’s this lady in it she passed through so much and decided to open a blog cause she felt she could  talk about what she went  through and give people who are facing the same situation advice. 

i don’t know why but that really really got to me, and i thought”why cant i do the same thing” ,normally i have so many notepads where i scribble out my thoughts and how i see things, am not the type to show my emotions or tell people how am feeling, i”ll rather just put it all in words and put them down. there’s just this calmness i get when i hold a pen to write. 

so i searched through online, googled everything blogging i could find, and with no delay or second thought i opened the blog and for the first time in my life, i felt like i was living, i was and still a novice when it comes to blogging but right there and there i felt accomplished. 

growing up i never knew what i wanted to become, my friends would say they wanted to be doctors, lawyers, this and this. but i never had anything in mind to focus on. i remember in secondary school, i and a close friend of mine would be guessing and making suggestions about my future career and what i could become, lol yh i was that lost. most people knew how to dance, sing etc, i never knew what i could do. i use to be extremely  sad and really angry at myself cause i considered myself different and not even in a good way, i felt left out of the “life” everyone was living. 

however, despite everything.i realised i loved giving advice, i love listening to people with relationship problems or any problem atall  .i was a good listener or rather i still am😂, and like i said before ,i write down ny thoughts, i love reading too,novels and quotes i remember i use to gather every quote i see, put them all together and turn them into just 1 quote(i don’t know if you understand?). 

i didn’t see all i could do and love as anything , i just saw them as normal me, i didn’t feel they were special and cool like singing or dancing or knowing how to play football. 

anyways, i went ahead and opened the blog. and believe me when i say i was SURPRISED when people thought my posts were cool or relatable or gave any comments atall.. i felt like the best singer and dancer. and i thought “am different in a good way”.

i know am not putting it down right now the way i really want to,but all am going to say is, you dont have to be like the next person, never ever crave the life of another person, don’t compare your ability to that of another, you are special and unique in your own way, whatever itis you can do atall is not small. 

above everything, discover yourself, know yourself, what can you do? what brings you joy? its just right in front of you, you might be thinking its nothing. but itis something, itis you and itis your breakthrough, above it all itis your power. 

and am using this opportunity to first give GOD the glory, for loving me, making me who i am, giving me the grace to discover myself, ruining all my plans before they could ruin me,thankful for wisdom,for leading me, ,for using me as a point of contact to people .also i appreciate and thank my followers and everyone who has commented ,liked and showed love on my really really grateful, each like and comment means more than words can express. to my friends also for their words of encouragement .THANK YOU ALL.